Cheque Cashing

Don’t want to wait for the bank? Avoid waiting for clearance from financial institutions and get your cash right now with same day approval!

Types of Cheques Cashed

  • Business Cheques
  • Company Cheques
  • Post Dates Cheques
  • Bank Cheques
  • Account Payee Cheques
  • Government Cheques
  • Wage and Salary Cheques
  • Benefit Cheques
  • Tax Refund Cheques
  • Not Negotiable Cheques
  • Money Orders
  • Dividend Cheques
  • Foreign Currency Cheques

NOTE: Gambling or Gaming Cheques as well as Personal cheques (cheques made out from an individual, not a company) will not be cashed. Some Conditions apply. Contact us for more information.

Cheque Cashing Procedure

When cashing a cheque the following criteria must be met:

  • The cheque needs to be recently dated
  • Legible
  • Payable to the person/company representative presenting the cheque
  • Supporting Documentation regarding the nature of the cheque should be provided
  • Business registration papers will be required for commercial cheques

ID Requirements

You will need to supply us with at least One Primary form of identification such as:

  • Current Driver's Licence with current address
  • Current Passport
  • Proof of Age Card

In addition a secondary form of ID is required such as a:

  • Medicare Card
  • Health Care Card
  • Pension Card
  • Credit/Debit Card